WIZnet India has a shipping policy in place to prevent misunderstandings between buyers and the WIZnet website itself.
Since WIZnet India is one of the chip & module sellers, it’s essential to lay out clear expectations.

WIZnet are expected to:

Utilize the shipping service the buyer selected at the time of purchase
Please check the delivery time if one buy something at this web site.
Only include shipping charges necessary to ship the product (i.e. no overcharging to make an additional profit)

Minimum Shipping Time: 4 Weeks

Maximum Shipping Time: 20 Weeks

Shipping Refunds & Returns

After receiving the return, if the item is defective, it will be exchanged for a new one or money will be refunded.
Products that are not defective or have already been used will not be refunded.

Need help?

Contact us at indiasupport@wiznet.io for questions related to refunds and returns.